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Its about veterans who are deemed "incompetent" to manage their own affairs. When a veteran is unable to manage his own affairs a guardian is appointed. Many years ago tens of thousands of "incompetent" veterans were reported to FBI NICS. VA Director Shinseki says this reporting has been stopped.

We keep hearing these horror stories that are presented without any backup information on specific cases. If large numbers of veterans were having their Second Amendment rights taken away without due process the veterans organizations would be all over it. The fact that the veterans organizations are not all over this tells me its not factual.

This by a veterans advocate:

If anyone knows ANY VETERAN who has been adjudicated as incompetant to handle his fiduciary stuff, but who isn’t absolytely BAT**** crazy (and/or) who hasn’t threatened to kill themselves or others, than contact us. Seriously. I looked for months and months, and never found one. I’d find someone who was almost perfect, and then we’d find out how he threatened to kill his mom or himself. If you know an actual person that shouldn’t have had this happen, JUST CONTACT US.

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