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Originally Posted by Ralgha
I think both parties are corrupt to the core, indeed I think both parties are actually the same group playing roles.
Originally Posted by Dr Big Bird PhD
I'm glad more people are starting to realize this.
Yep. After primaries, it's in a candidate's interest to be as close to the center to the extent possible without repudiating everything he or she said in the primaries.

It's not polemic. It's math. You maximize your votes when you're as close to your opponent as possible while still maintaining a few actual or rhetorical positions that make you more palatable (less unpalatable) to your party's base.

These silly Oregon democrats. They want gun owners to give up 4th amendment rights? If that miraculously passed, it would open a can of worms. Republicans could say fine, have legal marijuana if you want, but blogs by marijuana users will be censored.
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