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Re: What is YOUR next handgun?

Originally Posted by geetarman View Post
Sounds like a plan. I have one that is rapidly working its way into my heart. Sat on the shelf for a long time and I went out and bought 4 more magazines for it and decided to take it out and run it a while. It is a really nice shooter with just a bit of the creepy trigger. The gun has never hiccupped for me.

I have a Springfield loaded M1911-A1 in 9mm on order from Buds. I have no idea how long it will be.

I would also like to get my hands on a walnut stocked Ruger M77-22. I really like Rugers and have a thing for M77s.

I was back over at Sportsman's Warehouse today. Ammo about all gone BUT. . .they did have a Ruger SR1911 hanging on the wall. I am surprised that no one snapped it up. I got my second one two weeks ago and it shoots good and ran 150 rounds through it without a problem. I might just pick another one up.
1 SR1911 just isn't enough. My GF is going to use mine for CHL...she keeps asking me what I'm gonna shoot?. I tell her " for $750, I'm going to shoot a Ruger SR 1911"...
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