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Thoughts on Pistol Malfunctions

The thought of a pistol malfunction at the most critical time is just about any good guy's worst nightmare. And, malfunctions seem to occur more times than you would think. Not pervasively so, but enough that it should get your attention. For example, how many knew that at Ft. Hood 2009, both the active shooter Nadal, and the first engaging police officer Sgt. Munley, would experience pistol malfunctions at the exact same time? Nadal approached the downed helpless wounded police officer and kicked her jammed up Beretta away from her, all because his pistol an FN 5.7 had jammed up so he couldn't finish her. He couldn't fix his gun in time and this fact then allowed Sgt. Todd to put the murderer down and out of the fight. Interestingly enough, sometimes a police officer's weapon malfunctioning saves his or her live because the bad guy can't use it or can't figure out how to clear it after he has struggled to take it away. It is one of those oddities of confrontation and is a product of luck, not something you would hope to rely on. Additionally, how many lives have been saved after a bad guy's gun malfunctioned in the middle of his killing spree. Thank God so many have cheap and poorly maintained weapons. All of this leads to best practices which is a good clean reputable pistol, good ammunition, a second gun as plan b, and regular practice in clearing malfunctions.
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