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The P232 has a decocker, the purpose of which is to carry a chambered round safely.
It is not to do with being able to do so safely, but rather an unfortunate aspect of the firearm law here: carried semis are required to be unchambered/condition 3...

BTW, that picture has meant that my screen now has a drying tongue print on it. They really are the best looking gun...really!! I "HEART" THE 232!!

So I wish to direct your attention to post #3

pretty? yes, but it has one GLARING flaw - if you have hands bigger than a 12 year old girl, the slide will tear into the top of your shooting hand every time the slide goes back. hurts like hell.
Interesting. Perhaps I should just hold one with the slide locked back to see where the slide sits in relation to my hand. Purely for research purchases, you understand...

The Sig 232 with fmj gives you that. It has enough power without having too much power for the fmj round used.
For my response to that, I wish to direct your attention to post #3, also
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