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Opinions Please: Which .30-06?

Originally Posted by TheBear View Post
which 30-06?

none, get yourself a .308 instead it can do everything that the 30-06 can and more (more accurate, shoots from a compact action).
"If you are looking for a 300+ yd. deer rifle, then cartridge selection is going to be important. You will need something with a lot of downrange energy. I would suggest either 7mm mag or 300 WM. With either cartridge, a very light rifle would not be that advantageous. Third request was that it was left handed."

Here we go. The fellow wants an 06'. Why waste time trying to sell your pet cartridge? Maybe he is a hand loader and is already set up for 06'. Maybe he has some other reason. Since when is the 30-06 not a 300+ yd deer rifle?

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