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I suppose what I'm saying is that four click sound is not unique to Colt. Most of my Rugers, Ubertis, and my Hy Hunter all make the same sound.
While tha'ts true, its true because they are imitators of the Colt SAA. Its not really like everyone makes SAAs the same, its more so that all of these SA revolver makers make their SAA in the Colt image. I thought of the analogy between the Harley Davidson sound and another motorcycle brand trying to emulate it because its classic.

that top shelf machine sound, it is tatamount to a Stradivarius sound vs. a new violin off the shelf of today! It is a Ferrari in a Cobalt world, a Picasso in a computer art world
I know I like my 2 2nd gen SAAs, a 1967 5.5in and a 1959 12in buntline.

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