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Finally Scored A XDS!!!

So after looking for one of these babies for upwards of 6 months I landed one last night!!!!! I almost couldn't sleep I was so excited! I'm hoping to get to the range this afternoon or tomorrow and run a hundred or so rounds through it. I have spent the last hour cleaning it and playing around with it and I have to say I love the way this gun feels in my hand!

After I brought it home the wifey started playing with it and after about 30 minutes of her handling and playing with it she started with the I really like how this feels maybe it should be mine conversation....... I shut that down real quick but we will see what happens, LOL! I might end up with two of these things in my house hold. Here are a few photos of the gun and what it came with. Eventually I will take side by side pictures with my CM9 but I gotta tell you the XDS feels bigger in my hands however there is hardly any size difference between it and my CM9.

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