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I used to live in a small suburb of Milwaukee where a local young attorney was pushing for a referendum that would ban guns in the village unless unloaded and secured. His big fear was that his 5 year old son would be at a friends house and find a loaded gun, etc. etc. He seemed unmoved by the logic that such an law would be like telling the BG's the entire village was a gun free zone. But when I offered him, courtesy of our local NRA representative, a sign for his home window which showed that the home was "gun free" he agreed that this would point him out as an easy target. So it works both ways. Years ago I had numerous pro-gun, some humorous, bumper stickers on my car but when I really thought about it I removed them. I didn't need a potential burglar following me home and knowing that my house might be a good target for a home break-in when I was at work. Now I keep my car, and house, sign-free so no one knows what I have or don't have, what I support or don't support, etc.
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