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From post one.

“The barrel isn't bottoming out on the receiver”

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Originally Posted by F. Guffey
AR51Barrels, No, I didn’t.

I assume you have no plans to either.

Ar15barrels, you ask if we even looked at the file, I said “No, I didn't”, now you assume I have no plans to look at the file, and the answer is no, I do not plan on looking at the file/link.

If you will notice you have Bart B.s support, what else do you want.

“The barrel isn't bottoming out on the receiver” Back to post #1, I could have informed the original poster he had everything necessary in front him to answer his own question, instead I suggested he separate the two pieces (barrel/receiver).

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Posts: 2,933 Mr Guffey,a problem with using cartridge cases for gages is the cartridge cases vary,and the cartridge case makes a poor gage.

The proper way to set headspace for a belted magnum is off the headspace gage which will then accomodate a maximum loaded cartridge.

It will not do to short chamber to gain a tight headspace at the shoulder of a belted magnum cartridge,as you will not be able to close the bolt on the belt.

The chambering reamer maker puts those dimensions on the reamer.If you have a good reamer,and you put the belt headspace in the right place,then you will be fine if you do not set back the shoulder with the sizing die.

Then HiBC informs me I can not do this and or that because etc.. Again, barrels have been shipped with instructions, something like plan A or plan B. I have shared the instructions with individuals on this forum, they have an option to agree and or disagree. The manufacturer of the barrel gives options, I do not argue with them, I am not so conceited to think my plan is the best, I can do the math three different ways, again, I collect datums, I make datums and I purchase Again, I walk up a table at a gun show and say ‘DATUMS!’ and get three different answers. One, the dealer will say I do not have any datums. Two. someone will ask “WHERE!”. third. “What does a datum look like”.

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