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First trip to Bud's! Looking for 9mm suggestions.

Hi everyone. Been lurking here for several weeks trying to learn as much as I can and feel like I have learned quite a bit. So, I made an excursion to Bud's last night for the first time to shoot a few 9mm. A friend of mine loaned me a Springfield XD (4 inch barrel), a Para Ordanance that I have no idea a model, and a Kimber 1911. In addition, I rented a Glock 19 to shoot too. Also, a friend of mine went and he took his C-Z P01 and I put a few clips through it as well.

The Springfield XD was far and away my favorite. Before going I had really wanted to try a Beretta PX4 Storm but I did not have the opportunity this trip, ran out of time. So, can anyone offer some insight into how the PX4 and the Springfield are similar/different.

Curious to gather a few opinions before heading back to Bud's when I try out the PX4, and make my purchase.

Sorry, if I did not give enough info regarding models, etc. As I said, I am a simpleton for now trying to learn what I can.
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