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Dissenting Delusions

In my read of the dissenting opinion it seems clear to me that these judges still reject the individual right of self defense and right to life. Their list of excluded places was merely a list of all public places plus a list of some private property. It's essentially a list of all places outside the home where most people assemble - for work, commerce, recreation, etc. So, according to them, the only place you can have a gun anyway is inside your home. I'm sure this is ONLY due to the McDonald ruling, without this they wouldn't relent there either. So they obviously contend that public safety is superior to right to life. Who do they think the public is? A collection of non-individuals? A collection of individuals bereft of right to life? (A collection of individuals bereft of right to life are called victims.) The important question is where does an individual have a right to life? Only in their home? That's absurd.

The SC ruled in Heller that individuals have a right to defend their lives by themselves. The question these carry cases pose is where this right exists. And only in one's home simply isn't a defendable argument.

The good news is that the Posner's ruling prevails. On to the Supreme Court.
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