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Thx to all who have replied. Other forum members have experienced and expressed similar problems and some of the fixes that this forum offers has merit.
My Dillon is a four stage press. I think a 500 series. I use Lee factory crimp (LFC) dies on ALL rimless cases. Traditional roll on rimed cases...
I always clean bottleneck rifle primer pockets. Some members never clean pockets, and I really don't know if not cleaning them adversely affects accuracy. I clean.
I have added baffles inside the Dillon powder dispenser and it has decreased deviation somewhat. But, If I add the resizing step to reloading 308s, the volatility is just too much and overcomes any extra baffles.
I have made numerous attempts to use the Dillon powder thrower to reload 223s, but periodically the cases hang up and spill powder. I suspect, but cannot prove, that the angle of the powder thrower's cone is not designed with the best angle. I first suspected case mouth burrs but closer inspection ruled this out.
Since I LFC all rimless bottleneck cartridges, my four stage press would require a 5th stage , if I added a powder sensor. Not an option unless I batch... I do.
The only pistol cases that I have problem is the 38. On 38s I could possibly add powder sensor, but I don't believe it would sense low charges below 5 grains. Dillon does not list the min and max ranges it will sense. Perhaps it would??? I will contact.
The collets application would decrease run-out and I am planning on adding these dies. However, the current flexibility of the Dillon ram and using SB 308 dies does not achieve proper resizing and the volatility created resizing tends to pack powder, regardless of adding baffles.
In addition, since I resize and trim bottlenecks using the Dillon case trimmer (which also resizes) and then deprime ( resize again using RCBS by default) and clean pockets, I honestly don't see how I could accomplish trim, deprime, clean pockets, load powder, test for powder, seat bullet and crimp on just four stages. Therefore, I batch the trim and resizing/deprimer and clean pockets using RCBS single stage.
I next use Dillon to re-prime cases.
I use loading blocks to stack and inspect cases. Then I throw powder via Redding using and keep cases in loading block AND examine for squib loads before taking cases to the next batch.

Thx to all!!!!
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