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I think you misunderstood me. No where have I ever indicated the private citizen has no use for a AR or such type weapon.

Anyone who's read many of my post have seen me indicate otherwise.

First, being a history nut I've read many of the thoughts of our founders on the 2nd A. Seldom did they mention hunting or self defense. The mention the need for checks and balances, meaning an armed citizenry should be a check on the government. At the time period the Constitution was written the people were armed with the same weapons as the military, muskets or rifles (citizens more then the military when it comes to rifles).

I have also stressed over the years that the main reason I like the AR system is for competition. Since the ARs took over from the M14/M1A and M1 Garands in high power rifle (which was my main sport), more women and juniors have gotten in volved and successfully compete against us old guys, and we need women and juniors to keep our sport alive.

As too defense, I know every situation is different. But its my opinion that the pistol/revolver is a much better SD platform, mainly because its available. Not saying a AR type rifle wont work, it will, and quite well, but its the availability of the firearm. Not many of us set around with a rifle in our lap at home encase some bandit crashed through the door, but we have (or should have) a means to protect our selves handy in case someone does crash in. Its easier to pull your revolver from your pocket then to run to the next room and grab your rifle.

Not many of us take our rifles to the ATM late at night, or have one ready when we stop at a red light in case a car jacker appears.

Even in LE I hardly ever took a shotgun or rifle on a call. They seem to always be in the way. Yes I carried a Sniper Rifle, but only dug it out when I got a call, calling for the rifle.

The pistol/revolver leaves one hand free for the flash light, door knob, ticket book, or any of the other hundreds of things we need a free hand for.

We never know when a self defense situation may occur but we have to be ready. Sure, if I knew, the rifle would be my second choice, since I'm not a "first responder" I don't have to respond, so my first choice would to be somewhere else.

No sir, the rifle is not always handy, my revolver is always in my pocket.

Most of my guns are locked in a gun safe, but yes I do keep a rifle handy. Its a bolt gun I keep available, not so much for self defense but to protect my critters from other critters that want to eat them. There has been a mountain lion hanging around most of the winter and I'd rather he not eat my horses.

But NO, I'm not against the private person from having any gun he chooses, that's ANY TYPE GUN. Even full auto if he has the means to afford the ammo for such.

Notice I didn't say citizen, I don't think the right of self protection and having any gun you choose should be limited to citizens.

I believe "Shell Not Infringe" means just that.
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