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short version update

I took pictures of the inside of the gun and headstamp.
All was sent to Smith as all of it, to me, was evidence.

F C was on the headstamp.

These were purchased for a Glock that I will say had less than 100 rounds put thru it in it's lifetime. These were bought for defense. So it makes sense that a few rounds could have an extractor mark on it as appears that about a half of box was shot to make sure they cycled in the gun and a few times, these would have been removed from the magazine and gun to shoot less expensive ammo. Best guess is this gun made it to the range only 6 or 8 times at most.

So I got a shield was was doing the same thing. Seeing that hollow points would cycle in the gun.

As for the brass being welded in, maybe a poor choice of words but it expanded to the point where I didn't see an easy was to dislodge it without mangling it beyond recogntion and I thought it best to leave intact so someone could see it. At the time, I didn't know if something happened the round before or if the extractor was somehow involved. All I knew was that the barrel was clear and the headstamp and mag was on the ground.

I still believe that the ammo is factory produced. There were 3 involved, the shooter, the gun and me.

I am taking 100% of the load on this. I took the offer. I have no idea when I will be sent another gun. They said it could be weeks or months before they have on to send me.

They will NOT let me have both a new gun and my old gun. As I have no leverage to make them do both, I choose to get one that I can use.

For those who think it was a reload or have absolute clearity on this, I will say that no one, not even S&W said anything was absolute. So I am past wondering who was at fault. All I can say is there have never in my lifetime been known reloads in my possesion.

When it first happened and old friend told me that S&W would no doubt replace it as it was cheaper to do that than do a lot of research and haggling. Their cost is probably less than $200 and that is small change for good PR. So, to those who think like that, well, we live in a different world today.

I have written a letter and it
will be sent via mail or email this week end to Federal to see what they have to say. Either way, I have paid for it out of wallet. Not expecting anything else. IF Federal also believes that it was an overpressured one and they made it, then I will accept an offer if one is given. Not holding my breath though.

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