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Of course this only works with registration so they can enforce these provisions
Exactly and that is the conundrum, the catch 22.

I would not per se oppose universal checks and licensing if the anti gun movement did not exist. But knowing those anti second amendment lobbies exist and are selling the big lie so well, and knowing these checks and licensing can be used for future strategies of greatly increasing costs as well as facilitating confiscation, both of which are stated strategies and goals of the anti second amendment lobby, they need to be opposed.

It is no different than the issue of studies of gun violence. I doubt any of us are per se against this. Legit studies could be used to help gun owners and the general public be safer in their habits and uses. I'd like to know best practices for minimizing danger. but thee studies have time and time again be shown to be false. they were used for trigger locks, which are known to do nothing positive. their sole purpose is to limit rights.

The problem with the universal schemes is that they are a stated step in confiscation. Even DOJ documents note that this is needed to effectively achieve confiscation should that be legislated.

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