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My latest coyotes!

I had a friend, Magnus, travel from Germany to predator hunt with me early February! A coyote was in his top 50 list so he made the trip!
We head to a new property I had just got permission to hunt. The temps were a bit warm for this time of year but we made do. With the warmer temps we had some very heavy fog!
But we did not let that dampen our spirits!

We get to the property and to the spot I had picked out for the first set and I discover a hog carcass that I would assume the land owner, who hunts them with dogs, discarded to bait them for me. Well my thought now is that, with a stripped 100 pound hog carcass, I had a bunch of well fed coyotes that didn't need to take any risk for a meal! But we set up any way!
I tried to make the fattened coyotes think some intruders were now feeding on the remains with some coyote vocals!
Well after about 20 minutes I was losing hope. Then I spotted movement through the fading fog. It was probably over 500 yards out and crossing from one tree line to the next. I pointed it out to Magnus and he saw it as it crossed the last opening. I switched to a cardinal death cry on the Turbo Dogg and try to draw it in.. After a few seconds that seemed like minutes with no sign, a couple of crows lifting off from the field alearted us to the path of approach of the coyote. Shortly after that we spotted the coyote appearing through the fog.
It paused for a bit and then continued and adjusted it's route to check the wind. Magnus swung his rifle over to try to get the coyote in his cross hairs but the coyote continued to our right pushing Magnus to the limit of his range of movement.
It paused one more time and I told Magnus to take the shot when he had it. Just as he was applying pressure on the trigger it take a few more steps and it gets our wind turns and bolts! I tell Magnus to get on it and I bark it to a stop! It takes a few more steps and turns for the perfect broad side shot! But before lead can be launched it takes off again but Magnus makes a great 105 yard moving shot to drop his first coyote!

The next weekend and my next chance to hunt and the weather man said there were some clouds and possible rain in the area but shouldn't start until mid morning so I thought I would try to get in a stand or two!

Well I went to a new place this morning to call for the first time. It was about a 30 minute drive from the house. I get to the spot and get geared up and I am just about to lock the truck and head out and I hear what sounds like a bird hopping around in the bushes.

I take of the hood of my coat and listen real good and I realize it is rain drops! sf yell
Oh well, I am hear! I had might as well give it a try!
Be sides, it is only a few drops.

So I get set up and wait for shooting light and it gets be a mist!
I start questioning my decision to drive all of this way!

With the clouds shooting light is a bit late this morning. As I am straining to see across the field the rain picks up! It is now a light rain!

I am now debating on leaving!

Then God let this coyote walk out of the wood line in the perfect spot! If she came out a bit further I would not have been able to see her. Much closer and she might have got my scent in the swirling winds.
She was about 75 yards away and dropped her head on a scent right as she cleared the tree line.
I lip squeaked her to a stop and barked off a 55 gr hand rolled V-Max!

Then yesterday, Feb 22nd, I went to scout a new property that I just got permission to hunt today and ended up making a stand.
I have been a bit under the weather lately and even missed a couple days of work this week so I wasn't planning on hunting.
After assisting him and his Father branding a few calves we went on the grand tour! A lot of open land with very little cover but it looks promising!
His neighbor has a 1200 acre game ranch that I also have permission to patrol
After the tour the land owner suggested I go try to call some in and twisted my arm!!

The wind and sun was exactly wrong so I decided I would just walk the wood line and find some spots to set up at on the next visit. After walking about 700 yards from the truck I found a spot the would allow for a bit of an approach with the current wind. Even though the sun was directly in my eyes I figured I would give it a shot.
I started with some female howls and then followed up with some high pitched howls on my diaphragms.

Well about 10 minutes into the stand I spotted movement way off to my right. I glance through my scope and see a few crows bouncing around. They are down in a slight draw and keep going in and out of sight.

I let out another high pitched howl and waited and watched for a bit.
A few minutes later I catch movement by the crows again. Halfway discarding it as the crows I focused in on the area. This time it looked like a dark coyote head peaking up out of the draw! Was my eyes seeing what they wanted to see or was this actually a coyote?
I looked through the scope as it stepped up out of the draw and silhouetted in the setting sun was the darkest coyote I had ever seen!
I immediately started to pray, "Lord don't let me mess this up!!"
It stood there a while looking for the coyote that had been talking to him. I let out a few lip squeaks and it would look my way but wasn't too interested! It was staring my way but wasn't moving.
I let out a soft high pitched howl again and it started meandering my way but angling to the downwind side! This goes on a bit until it is just under 200 yards and it is starting to get close to my scent cone so I decide if this is going to happen I am going to have to take it now.
I get the scope lined up and lip squeak again! He stops broad side at about 170 yards and I drop the hammer!
BANG! THWACK! Fur cyclone!!
I quickly chamber another round and just as I align the cross hairs it drops!


He was a young one, maybe two years old and had some silver tips on his fur down his back!
The first black phase coyote I have ever personally seen and hopefully not the last!!

I took him to the local taxidermy shop that I trade with and he is going to do a full body mount on it to display in his shop!
I will post pics as soon as it is done!!

Thanks for looking!
~ "JJ"
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