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I just used the automailer, and put an introductory letter in front of the standard one:

To the Oregon Legislature:

I am not an Oregon resident, though I was born in Oregon a few decades back. Still, as an American citizen, and a gun owner, I pay attention to what the governments of other states do with regard to infringements of the Second Amendment.

HB 3200 is particularly egregious. I am amazed at how many amendments it would seek to infringe. The Second, Fourth, and Fifth all leap immediately to mind.

Please be aware that many of us, nationwide, will pay close attention to the progress of this bill, and if it passes, we will contribute funds to any campaigns opposing the people who voted for HB 3200. This bill would set a precedent that we will not allow.

Frankly, I think even the normally anti-gun ACLU will be suing Oregon if this bill passes...


Morgan Leake

Standard Letter from follows:
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