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I like cops; a lot of my friends and some of my relatives are cops. I am in favor of "officer safety."

But I am also in favor of my own personal safety, and even more in favor of my family's safety.

So my preference would be to keep LEOSA, but expand it to regular law-abiding citizens.

Meanwhile, kraigwy, it isn't "semantics" when an agency under the administration that is trying to ban "assault weapons" for the rest of us calls them "personal defense weapons" when speaking about agents having them. That's double-speak, and deliberately done.

If a 5.56mm carbine with a 30rd box magazine is an ideal "personal defense weapon" for an agent, why is it massive overkill for a homeowner?

Please note that I am very much in favor of officers having patrol rifles, and I clearly see the need for them.

I also see that my wife shoots a carbine much better than she shoots a handgun, and where we live, out in the sticks, a carbine may have more applications.

Even in a more urban setting, better accuracy and ease of use, plus higher muzzle energy mean LESS rounds are likely to miss the target and go who knows where.

So, it is NOT semantics. That personal defense weapon, with its many merits as such for DHS personnel, is a "personal defense weapon" at my place, too.
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