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I have a 10mm G20 hog hunter I have equipped with the Ameriglo ghost ring.

I typically shoot 220 gr hard cast Buffalo Bore (which they claim is about 700 ft lbs at 1200 fps).

I've been able to drop 200-300 pound hogs at 20 yards through dense underbrush with a single shot.

As for the typical 10mm load, it tends to be on the upper end of a hot factory 40SW because no manufacturer wants to take the blame for an exploding gun when you feed one to an unramped barrel.

...and, yes, 45 super out of a Glock 21 is an alternative.

The G20, tho, is a big game handgun. It has no other uses. The G21 is a pretty decent 45 ACP target pistol. But I prefer 1911s for that, so I could justify getting a G20.
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