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One might encounter a threat in his or her life time and should be able to defend themselves if they do. However, How many posting here with the exception of military or police officers have been sent to situations where violence was occurring involving firearms on a regular basis?.

I was Military for 6 yrs and LEO for 32 yrs and carried what weapon's were issued to me. During my career as a LEO when in uniform division I carried revolvers, pistols and a Shotgun in my vehicle .During that time was a SWAT member for 10 years and had use of heavier fire power if needed. I was Detective Lieutenant for the last 18 yrs and carried a snub nose revolver or a 9 mm sig.

With that said, I never felt like because I was a Police officer I was any better than anyone else, However, will have to say there were many times I sure would have liked to have been better armed.

Now retired, and in my middle seventy's I Still carry a sidearm and have some rifles and shotguns.

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