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I got a 16-gun from Dicks for $500. I know it isn't as goog as some of the American made ones but the price was what I could afford, it had the mechanical tumbler (which I wanted over the electronic) and claims to have a 1/2 hour fire rating. It is their Field and Stream brand which is rally a Stack-On, from what I understand. It took 3 guys to get it upstairs. And it was the biggest I could fit in the space I had available (I literally went back and forth to the store 8 times to re-measure and see if I could fit the 24-gun safe).

My advise is buy the biggest fire-resistant safe that you can afford, and that fits in the space you have available. Don't think you will fit the number of guns that the safe claims to hold, just use the number as a relative comparison. Buy American, if you can can. I would have, but just could not find one in the size I wanted for less than double the price. I might have been able to justify an extra 30% for the same size made in America, but just didnt have the budget for $1200 for the same size with the same features. Maybe I just didn't know where to look.
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