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When desire vies with common sense: Sig 232

Not really hoping for an answer or even a suggestion on what to do as deep down I think I know, but I do want to vent!!

I don't have a job that can afford me all my wants and so I have chosen all my guns for a reason.... a practical reason!

And there are criteria beyond cost, too. In this country hollow points are not permitted (making smaller calibers even less calibres) and semis must be carried chamber empty: no locked and cocked here.

I have a G19 for competitions (but also carry if needed), a .44mag for woods, a .38spl revolver (this avoids the empty chamber rule) for occassional carry.

So when I see a used Sig Sauer 232 Stainless for €490 (€750 new), it is:
- more expensive by 60% than the CZs and HPs that I had recently been torturing myself over
- chambered in a round that is less effective than all the others I shoot, bar .22LR
- Less effective as a carry gun, due to not being able to be carried with one chambered
- Less effective as a competition gun as it only carries 7 rounds and .380 is below the minimum 9mm for IPSC matches

And yet I yearn for a 232 as one of the prettiest guns out there... I love the way it looks and feels, but it would serve me almost no purpose at all bar giving me goose-bumps...

If there was one thing I could change from that list above it would be the caliber.

Why, oh why can't this gun not be capable of handling 9x19... Stupid physics...

Why, oh why must I be attracted to guns that cost so much... Stupid economics...

And breath.
OK... Cathartic rant over.
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