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Originally Posted by BackRub
If you can't make a simple decision on a firearm to carry do you believe you're cut out for a LEO? They have to make many split decisions on many things every call or traffic stop. Good luck to you if that's the route you choose.
Sometimes when commenting on a post, it helps to read the prior posts, especially from the OP.

Originally Posted by defscarlett View Post
Thanks for the replies so far I really appreciate the assistance. I'm definitely in shape overall I knock out 100 push-ups daily etc and being prior military have a good fitness mentality are their specific exercises that I need to be doing to strengthen these specific muscles?
Originally Posted by defscarlett View Post
Armed security and I'll also be teaching firearms and tactic classes. Of course to learn some of this stuff I have several classes that my job is sending me to, to learn.
Further, choosing a duty weapon is no "simple' decision if one does not have experience with multiple firearms. Let the lady get her information, do her research, and make an informed decision before you start bashing her.

Reading and research do prevent people from making themselves look bad. Just FYI.
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