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Originally Posted by themalicious0ne
I would highly recommend the CZ 75 if it felt comfortable in your hands. They are full steel as well and will absorb more recoil than your like size polymers. I worked armed security at one point in time with my CZ 75B. Your only drawback is finding the propper holster and mag pouches. Mag pouches are pretty easy to fit a standard CZ mag into, if you find nice universal ones. Holsters are another issue completely. They are harder to find. I needed one within a couple weeks to when I started working and all the police supply stores and gun shops had no such CZ holsters and one police supply store said it would take 2 months for one to be transfered to the shop. On top of that, depending on your employer, you may need leather, polymer or even weave type holsters. Also your holster condition level may come into question. All these things will make a holster much more difficult to find.

All this being said, from what you descibe as your "limitations" if you will if the CZ is comfortable, you really cannot find better for what you are describing. You just need to do some research on the duty gear. If you can match it up, a CZ 75 would be my recommendation. I personally lucked out and found a really nice Safariland duty holster (in my oppinion the best) for a Sig Sauer p226 that when loosened enough fit my CZ very comfortably and worked perfectly. All else fails, it will do the job.

Best of luck
I carry a CZ-75BD both OC and CC. For OC, I use a leather pancake holster from Barsony Leatherworks. For CC, I use an Old Faithful IWB. Both have served me well. As malicious stated, while there isn't much duty wear made for it, you can often use holsters made for other similar makes (many of the Beretta 92 stuff can be used with CZ's but you have to try it first).
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