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Originally Posted by Brian Pfleuger
One of the best parts about my theoretical cartridge (the .243Pfleuger) is that it requires essentially no special tools or parts.
That's where the 6mm Pedersen shines, as well (my 6mm 'Wildcat').
A Redding .243 Win FL-sizing die can reach the shoulder, when used with my Hornady shell holder; and an RCBS .243 Win Small-Base die can squeeze the body to the right diameter (if needed).

For general discussion and load development purposes, it's a .243 Win. But, when you're dealing with the brass and the chamber ... it requires special handling, like a wildcat. 6mm Pedersen will chamber like butter in a .243 chamber, but not the other way around.
I can ONLY use unfired R-P factory brass for the 6mm Pedersen, due to Remington's sub-SAAMI brass specs - and it doesn't really expand more than about 0.002", depending on the lot.
Anything that's ever been fired in a factory .243 Win chamber is no-go. It'll never fit in the wildcat, again, due to spring-back (at least with the dies I use).

I have an old cell-phone picture of the "caliber stamp" around here somewhere...
(The rifle is marked "243ST" under the barrel - the gunsmith's abbreviation of "243 Super Tight".)

Frankenmauser, what do you consider long heavy bullets in .27 caliber? It's kinda neat watching what you can do with some brass laying around,,,, lets see a sample maybe........
If I could, I would....
I'm really looking forward to the first .17 WSM case I come across. It'll make great 6mm-7mm jackets (ideal for .27 caliber ). But, until then... I'm stuck looking at a $1,200+ price tag and a 20+ month wait for just the basic swaging dies needed for the bullets I envision.

In my head, I see 175 gr VLD up to maybe 215 gr bullets. As I said... LONG for .27 caliber.


That's some interesting stuff, Romeo.

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