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My all-time favorite semi-auto

Quite simply, it is (for me) the most natural feeling, handling and pointing semi-auto handgun I've ever found (and I've tried to shoot just about everything for over the past 50 years). All of the aforementioned also makes it the most accurate as well.

I took it to a new range last week and the manager told me he'd never fired a Hi-Power. I handed him the gun...the target was already set at 30 feet...he aimed, fired and put the round directly through the 10-ring. With a big smile, he put the gun down, laughingly said "that's it" and walked away.
When I went to check out, he was online ordering one for himself!

Yes, I love the 1911 too (and have several) and the Sig P226 is a great shooter and just keeps working...BUT - simply holding my MkIII HiPower is an almost sexual experience!
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