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as long as its durable and reliable and has better ergonomics than a glock. so what do you all think?
Ergonomics depends on the thickness and length of your fingers, and the thickness/size of your palm.

If you cannot hold a potential purchase -- get the ones with replaceable grips or back straps.

Ergonomics also relates to muscle memory -- if you have muscle memory to flip the safety switch down -- go with FNX, any 1911 , any 2011 or anything else that has safety flip down

As far as reliability -- you will have hard time finding a pistol with a price 300 and above -- that is not reliable.

As far as caliber -- depends on how concealable the firearm must be, how much 'energy' you must carry as a minimum in the grip, and how well you can control follow up shots after recoil.

Plus as a true firearms enthusiast -- you need to have several pistols each representing their 'cult' following
one 1911, one CZ, one SIG, one hi-power , and one of the plastic wonders (FNX or XD or PPQ or PX4 )
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