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Some more information to set context.

My Grandfather died about 7 years ago at age 93. There aren't any of his friends left to ask about the rifle.

My parents are still alive and doing well but they have no stories about Grandfather going hunting. They don't even know when he got it though we all remember seeing it hanging from the nails in the basement in the 1960's.
The only story is him taking me out to shoot a stump once.

So there aren't any stories to be had to cherish. Wish there were.

Meantime, I've loaded up some test rounds of ammo and found some factory ammo to test the next time I have a day off and there's adequate weather to shoot in. The rush for guns and ammo has really pinched the supply of bullets to test with so the only 150 grainers I could find are round nosed ones intended for 30-30. But with some 180s, the 150s and a few 168 Matchkings I might learn something useful.
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