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You cant go wrong with the STI's. I have the Spartan and love and trust it enough that i carry it. Is it a $1,500 gun,no, but i would put it up against any of the choices you have listed and know that its going to do its job and is extremely accurate! I'f i were you I'd do some more research on this company. Until i got mine i had never heard of them either. I was always the one that "i'f its not a colt i don't want it" but researched the gun and have been in love every since then. If my research memory serves me well the spartan comes with the comp bushings from the factory. Like i said mines a tackdriver and is way more accurate than i am. Like what was said by other posters they come from the factory with "extras" you dont get with others in its class. Better, adjustable sights, skeletonized trigger and hammer, the comp barrel bushing.
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