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FOR THE ILLINOIS RESIDENTS:Concealed Carry is here

I have been working on concealed carry since 2007. I belong to

and Todd Vandermyde, the NRA lobbyist is a member there. Todd has written all the Bills for the last couple of years and he has written HB 997 introduced Rep Brandon Phelps and SB 1284 introduced by Senator Forby.

We have almost got this dfone. Illinois Carry was one of the plantiff's in Moore v madigan which is the lawsuit that resulted in the injunction against the State precvventing them from enforcing UUW unless they come up with a concealed carry Bill.

Speaker Mike Madigan is about to attempt something sneaky this coming Tuesday and we need all the help we can get. Please contact by email and phone both ypour State reps and State senators and tell them not to vote for any bad bills and that you only support the NRA approved bills. Please do this yourself and if at all possible, please copy and paste this note to every internet forum that you know of where illinois residents may read it.

The Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day (IGOLD) in March 6 in Springfield. We normally draw about 6,000 voters but this year we need to draw as many as possib;le. The IL legislature will be considering anti-gun Bills even more stringent than those passed in new York. Please make every effort to join us in our fight against the tyranical hold of the Chicago machine. We are winning but we need all possible help to finish the fight.

For those of you who have always thought there was no way to win, we have done it, we have won in the Courts now help us preserve our win.

"When asked by the cute televison reporter why he had shot a bank robber 6 times with his .45, the Texas Ranger replied, "because they don't make a .50"
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