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I guess I only have 2 complaints about my Mini-14. First is the mag situation. For years, Ruger wouldn't sell 20 and 30 round magazines to mere mortals. You were either limited to aftermarket mags that in many cases didn't work or you were paying through the nose for factory magazines. It took the old man to finally assume room temperature before Ruger would start to make them available to the the public but even then, the prices are steep compared to other magazines.
The other issue I had was the poor accuracy I contribute to the whacky rounded front sight that comes standard on the Mini. Trying to focus on a clear sharp front sight tip is a problem when there is no sharp front sight tip! I finally got fed up with the setup and put on a Choate M-14 style front sight and flash suppressor. This corrected the crappy factory front sight problem, GREATLY improved the accuracy and also cut down the fireball during low light shooting.
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