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I bought a 308 Ruger American last year right after they came out . You are correct sir , they do have quite a bit of recoil . I was shooting 50 to 80 rounds each range trip and at the end of the day I could feel it .

I was shooting out to 300yds and the American could shoot sub MOA at that range . I really liked shooting the 308 round and wanted to start shooting longer distances But I did not think the American would be the best thing for that purpose . The barrel heats up pretty fast and accuracy starts to drop off .

I bought A new gun for shooting longer ranges and I chose the 308 Savage FCP-K

As you can see it comes with a muzzle brake I'm hoping it will reduce felt recoil and I can't wait to take the new girl out . It weights about 3lbs more then the Ruger and has the brake so it should be a real nice to shoot . I'm taking her out for the first time on Monday and I will write a review on the gun and I'll update you on the brake .
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