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I am 5'11 175 and I carry a Sig P220 in a Comp-Tac Minotaur leather backed Kydex IWB. It is tuckable and the leather 'pad' is comfortable as the day is long. Depending on what I am wearing I will carry mine anywhere between 3:00 (on my hip) and 5:00. I can tuck a shirt into this rig if I want to.

Like someone else said, get a good belt - especially if you are carrying a full-size. The weight of my sig + a full magazine of .45 makes a good belt essential.

When I don't feel like wearing such a heavy rig, I just throw my Khar PM9 in my pocket. I have a pocket holster for that - forget the brand, but it is square shaped and makes the pistol blend into my pocket. Looks kind of like a big wallet if you look close enough.
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