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100% agree. I wish more people understood this. If the majority of folks stopped bulk buying the shelves would start having ammo again. And I really don't understand the sentiment in the first place. Not like anyone is even talking about banning ammunition.
You are completely right, although we live in a time where ALOT of people just don't think rationally anymore. Some people actually think zombies are going to attack and as a result are stockpiling ammo and guns. Others just think the world is going to plain end and society will collapse and want to live out their Mad Max fantasy, so again they are stockpiling guns and ammo. Rationalizing with these people is not an option, because they are just not rational thinking people. Their kids are going to be happy as hell when they inherit a safe full of mint guns that have barely been shot and pallets full of ammo from 40 years previous.

Most of us on here are casual shooters. We have ammo put aside to shoot so we don't have to drive to the store or reload a bunch of ammo every time we go to the range. I like to keep a couple hundred rounds for each caliber put aside for exactly what is happening now, and am thankful I did.
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