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1911 loose slide

OK so I bought my Remington R1 Enhanced a week or two ago and loved it at the store. I still love it but the more I handle it the more I notice the slide. It was a slight movement from left to right on the slide. Maybe 1/64th of an inch.

I am reading mixxed reviews about loose slides. Some guys are saying its good, allows them to run dirtier, other guys are saying it affects accuracy, and not good.

The guys that say its not good say it can be sent back and get fixed. I guess they will have a tool that compresses the slide or something. I also have a really loose trigger shoe (I think what it is called). My trigger has alot of movement up and down/side to side.

With the loose slide, trigger, and my gun shoots inherently left, im about to sell it and get something different.

But, what I am curious as is, if I adjust the sight, how much does the loose slide affect the accuracy? Will I be chasing my tail? Its loose enough to where when you grab the trigger and take the mag out you can shake the gun and it will clank slide to side. I find it kind of irritating. I spend 900 dollars on this gun I expected a little better quality. I dont like rattles and thuds on a 1000 dollar gun!!

What do I do? Is it fine? I know the trigger is OK its just stupid that it wiggles my main concern is the slide movement. I dont think it should be as slack as it is. I have a 1932 Colt .38super and its slide is PERFECT with no movement. No reason this gun should have movement if that one doesnt

For the record, it probably wont matter much but here is a comparison at 25 feet.

Springfield XD 40 4" barrel, Remington 1911 5" barrel

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