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New CC pistol or carry gun....

If you want a simple well made robust CC firearm, I'd look into these models...

SIG Sauer P239 DAK with night sights, SIG P229R DAK, SIG P224 DAK, P290RS 9x19mm(9mm Luger).
The new Walther PPX in .40 or 9x19mm. The Beretta PX4 C format in .40S&W or 9x19mm. The HK P2000 or sub compact P2000sk in LEM(Law Enforcement Modification). The S&W SD40 or SD9(9mm).
Glocks & Kahrs are good but I prefer hammer fired DA only models.
Night sights(3 dot) & white-lights/lasers are good add-ons. New green lasers are coming down in price & could help in a lethal force event.

Only use factory made ammunition too. Even though quality, LE grade rounds are sky-rocketing($1.00-2.00/round, ) it's better to carry factory rounds.

For sales see: .
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