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I was in a grocery store line carrying my CBOB IWB @ 4:00, under a polo shirt. In the line behind me was a mother/son unit. The son was about 4 and was really wound up. He grabbed at a candy bar or the like from the rack and mother reached out to grab him. He dodged, leading with his head into my holstered pistol. He apparently stunned himself dropped onto the floor on his bottom and started wailing. Mom is mortified that her little dear had plowed into the big man in line and is apologizing profusely. I had to stifle a laugh once the child stood up you could start to see a checkering pattern emerge on his forehead. It was like a train wreck you couldn't help but watch....a red bruise or welt was getting more and more pronounced on the little terror's is oblivious apologizing all along...and I'm trying not to laugh. This little tableau was finally broken up by the cashier handing me my change. I felt sorry for the little fellow but was not about to explain what had happened. WHile VA is generally gun friendly this store and neighborhood are not particularly so.
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