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No one has a right to a cell phone , let alone a smart phone. And EVERYBODY knows it is much more effective to just stick your head out the window and yell into the air a couple times. All you need is a double yeller. ANY would be attacker is going to flee. Yelling is a much more effective metod to get help than dialing 911. And especially for the ladies who aren't competent to operate a complicated device anyway. They can just yell out into the night if attacked by a rapist . Those HIGH POWERED smartphones are killing America's youth. It is uncontrovertable that there is no constitutional right to a cell phone. The phone was not even invented when the Framers wrote the bill of rights so it is not a right. Clearly it would be perfectly constitutional to go house to house seizing these dangerous weapons. There should be no phones within a thousand feet of any school EVER ! As to those select few who can show they absolutely must have a phone (Like the President's daughters and his Wife - important people like that ONLY) well they could at least provide proof of a gazillion dollars in liability insurance with the entire western world specifically listed as additional insureds. Even then the phone should be disabled so it can not discharge more than one message in a single transmission. NO high capacity assault style phones. Also any smart phone manufactued for consumers after January 1 , 1994 must have a unique frequency ID number which is preregistered with the police , the IRS , ATF and the local dog catcher. None of these is unreasonable if it prevents one prank call and saves the life of a child. Oh , and you must pass a battery of mental exams before you can talk on a phone for any purpose. If I thought I could get the necessary 51 votes I'd be going for broke to try and pass destroying and disabling every last one of them insidious smart phones right now.
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