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I was working a cable tv contractor. It was summer I carried IWB with a Cross Breed Super Tuck. I had to go through some tree branches climbing my ladder to get to the cable tap. Well on the way down one of the thorny brances shredded my shirt, and scratched me up pretty good. Well the grip of my 1911 was totaly exposed. Problem is I was a block from the county jail. Right in front of the police station at shift change. Long story short one of the officers noticed. He was nice enough to walk beside me to give a visual block of my gun, and hairy body. He did not even ask to see my CHL. I asked him why not. His response was that I had a nice looking concealment holster.

Another time I was fishing at a log jam during the white bass run in spring. I went through the logs into the river. . I had to drive to the rest room area to wash the muddy crudd out of my gun, and off of my ammo. As well as spry it down with WD 40 to keep it from rusting till I got home.
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