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I own a STI Edge in .40 S&W and it is a phenomenal gun. It is hghly accurate and reliable. The Edge is built on their 2011 platform and not really suited for carry or self defense. I cannot speak for their other guns, but I am very happy with mine.

As for the other brands, Springfield Armory has a great reputation. I am not sure what you were planning on spending on gun smithing, but I recommend you just spend it up front and get a better model.

I'm guess you are looking to spend about $1,000 total. Try looking on to find a deal. If you move quick, this looks like a GREAT DEAL!!!

It is a Springfield Armory Range Officer. There is no reserve and the starting bid is only $780. Better move quick if you want it. Only 3 hours left!!!

You can also get a stainless Mil-Spec 1911 for around $800

There is also a Stainless Target model starting bid of $900

Happy Shopping!!!
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