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I'd love to just use my 30-30....too bad it's against the law here

Doc, I don't care much for the very loose term of "gun" either. Although I do catch myself using it now and then. To me, when I hear "gun" I think artillery like as in 12# field "gun". So to right myself, brush rifle to me would be pretty much dead on with what you and slayer said. That and the CVA staghorn (along with many others) is unwieldy to me...Not very well balanced, the angle of the grip on the stock with the 23" barrel makes the rifle feel cumbersome.

Also, I just like making something different, while keeping a hint of the same. It'll be a CVA staghorn, but someone familiar with them would likely do a double take looking at it. I like custom, what can I say? I had a brand new uberti Hombre for two days and started messing with it. I buffed the finish to remove the pebbling from the frame and turned it a nice soft blue black from the flat black paint look. Then I stripped the grips, took the matte brass to eye blinding polished and re profiled the front sight. It's a hombre true enough, but there's not another one around just like it.
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