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"Hey, wait, why are these 'personal defense weapons'

Call it what you want. I was issued a service revolver, I was issued uniforms, I was issued a car. They were my personal long as I was with APD.

(With the exception of my duty revolver, the Department gave it to me when I retired).

Same as when I was in the Army, I had my issued rifles & pistols, they were long as I was in the Army.

When I was in the National Guard, shooting for the Rifle and Pistol Teams, I was issued my personal M14, my personal 1911, and personal 22 pistol. I took them home, kept them in my house............but they weren't mine.

My son works for DHS, (Federal Protective Service), he is the head firearms instructor for his office. He's got an M4 he carries in his Govt. SUV. He also carries quite a bit of ammo. But he also is their Bomb Guy, so he has his bomb equipment. It's his "personal stuff", takes it home, the works.

But is it really his, per his departments policy no one but DHS personal or bandits can ride in the car. Not even his retired LE daddy.

I'm a firm believer in "personal weapons" for military and LEOs. I've seen too many military units issue guns, first come first serve, when you hit the arms room. Never got the same weapon twice. Never knew your zero, never knew the feel of the trigger.

Same with civilian shooters, you'd never draw a different gun every time you went to a match, or took a different gun every time you stepped out of the house carrying.
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