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Reynolds... I think it'll serve you well. We were working with two of them today, the one which is the subject of this thread, and the second one which is my 12 year old son's, he got for Christmas.

We found that both rifles shoot the 105 AMAX in front of 48.2 grains of Retumbo, in RP cases very well. Another three shot group at 650 yards well under MOA from the subject rifle of this thread... and the second rifle (my son's) seemed to want to do as well also, but the wind was getting up and it was hard to get the shots on the plate with the 2nd rifle.

Here are some 100 yard groups from the Ruger American, .243 win...

Then a 'possum decided to walk out in front of the 100 yard target board while my son was shooting in the 87 vmax load...

It was very strange... we saw three different possums out in broad daylight in the field today... the landowner put the first one down with his TC Contender in .218 Bee, and as mentioned the second one fell to the 87 vmax .243 win... and the third one was at 750 yards, and we lost sight of him before we could get a decent shot at him.

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