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I'm no hater, that's for sure. I love my 581 series Mini, it's definitely accurate enough for any purpose I could imagine for it. With a low power variable it makes a great little rifle. I've never been an AR guy, I don't particularly like them even though I shoot them well enough. The AR is a great rifle (for someone else) just not my cup of tea. As stated by the previous posters most of the Mini bashing you read comes from the pre 2004 Minis (anything before the 580 series), they suffered from vertical stringing caused by the thin barrel heating up. They also were prone to barrel whip, both issues could be lessened with the addition of a barrel strut. Personally I don't see the price issue others have a problem with. Put it in perspective, the Mini is an all steel and wood rifle it really shouldn't be less expensive than a rifle made with plastic and aluminum (that was not meant to be a cheap shot at the AR). Mini magazines are definitely more expensive than the AR mags but they're better built too, definitely more heavy duty. The only place I've found where the AR outshines the Mini is modularity but this doesn't particularly interest me, I like having different guns for different purposes

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