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I think todays recreational shooting scene just puts alot of emphasis on following the straight and narrow line without straying from it. When AR platforms became popular with the average joe everyone was talking about them and all new shooters doing research heard the hype and followed suit. spending big bucks on a rifle, alot of money on accesories, and alot of money on a scope.
That's another thing that gets me, scope elitists. people who say, you gotta get a leopold, or a zeiss or some other big name big money scope. I had a $60 tasco world class on my mini when i shot my first deer. and in my first post i talked about it. it was a 200 yard shot, standing with no rest of any kind, it was dark, and it was about -20 outside, and i was 12. so when i hear people say you need a big name scope to be succesful i cant help but laugh.
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