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M&P9 Pro & Shield = Great Combo

While I have quite a bit of experience with most of the more popular guns on the market today, I will admit that I largely keep coming back to Glocks. I've grown to like them a great deal for their simplicity, reliability, ease of maintenance, and acceptance of neglect. With that said, I don't particularly dislike any of the other popular guns on the market - except for maybe the Beretta... but that's only because I really don't like, and couldn't get used to, the slide mounted safety.

For quite some time, my EDC has been the Gen4 Glock 19. While there was nothing wrong with it, it's still a little big for when I want/need deep concealment or pocket carry. I had the Walther PPS for about 3 years and really liked it. I sold it about 6-8 months ago when I was being impatient about wanting something else. I liked the PPS because it was small enough for me to pocket carry in cargo shorts and "tactical" pants. I kind of regretted that ever since... but I had my eye on the M&P Shield. Two different friends of mine had picked them up and really liked them. I saw one at my LGS a couple of weeks ago and couldn't pass it up. Put a few rounds through it with zero issues and it seems so reliable it has replaced my G19 as my EDC as of this week. It's so nice and light to carry. Ergos are excellent. I am not ashamed to say that I actually like the Shield better than the PPS that I had... even though it's nearly $200 cheaper. (I think the PPS has come down in price these days, but I paid a little over $600 when I got mine)

In a similar fashion, I sold my regular M&P 9 about a year ago when I wanted something else at the time. I regretted that almost instantly and knew I would pick up another one at some point. It had the full Apex DCAEK kit in it, but I hadn't upgraded it to night sights yet. Today I stopped into my LGS and they had a few regular M&P 9's and 3 M&P 9 Pro models. These are the newer Pro Series model with the standard 4.25" barrel - not the extended. The factory trigger is better, but it needs the rounded safety plunger from Apex to smooth out that gritty take up. I've been dry firing it all day and it's already smoothed out some... but I will probably still upgrade it with Apex parts. More importantly, the Pro model comes with factory night sights. It also has the new style backstrap with the softer rubber and new texture which is really comfortable.

The combo of the full size M&P and the Shield really seems like an excellent combo to me and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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