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to be honest even the people that don't enjoy them as much as i do i respect and value your opinion just as much as everyone else. some guns just dont fit well for some people whether it be the application of use or something else. I just enjoy textured wooden stocks and beat up blued steel over the all black tactical look. my duck hunting gun, a remington 1187, is covered in spots of surface rust, the wooden stock banged up. but i wouldnt trade it for a new one not in a million years. to some people a beat up gun means its time for a new one. to me it means a lot of memories. like sitting in 30 degree weather with the wind blowing freezing rain coming down, and still goin home with a days limit. to me wood and blued steel allow a gun to gain character. everyone i know with an AR babys it, cleans it all the time, its always in a hard case, wont take it out in the rain, even though they are reliable in any weather. I've been belly down crawling through a muddy cut cornfield in pouring rain many times just to sneak up on some ducks, and my gun has fired everytime without missing a beat.
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