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Ok since this is a gift gun to a service member as a graduation gift. Why not get any 1911(Pick one that is nice, and can be shot if desired). Then have a nice personalized presentation case made for it? A nice well finished shadow box, with a graduation picture, and a brass plate engraved to state the occasion of why it was gifted, and whom it was gifted from.

Note Extra points if the case dispalys things like a Ranger tab patch, the silver ice cream cone, ect.

He would treasure it as a prized posession. Especialy the case.

My grampa made something similar for a cousin of mine that went into Para Rescue in the USAF. That case hangs on his home office wall today. He considers it one of his mosed prized worldly possesions. I am sure your bother would be the same way about a similar gift.
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