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well maybe its just popular in wisconsin, maybe its used all over the country. but a method of hunting used in wisconsin is called, a deer drive, or a push. basically you have a certain amount of "drivers" and "posters". the drivers all line up on the edge of a field or forest spaced out from eachother, and walk through the woods in a horizontal line, for my hunting group it was usually a 40, or 80 acre square plot of land, we had about 25 total people. On the other side of the woods the posters are sitting waiting for the drivers to jump a deer from the woods and push it out the other side of the woods where the posters are waiting. The drivers will sometimes jump a deer and get a shot at it. Alot of people i know including myself will use a mini-14 with a 20 or 30 shot magazine, when acting as a driver because it is very light and short so its easy to carry and maneuver through thick brush. when pushing deer through an open field sometimes at far distances you need more than 5 shots, the mini is great in that situation. My mini-14 does not get much use anymore as my dad, grandpa and myself stopped making drives with our group and just stuck to our own private land to develop it during the spring and summer, and then just sit in tree stands during the season, because making drives is a very dangerous thing to do. but when pulled off succesfully there is nothing else like it. with a group of 25 guys it was a shame to not have atleast 40 deer hanging from the meatpole on the last sunday of the season, many 150 class and up bucks were shot and a good amount made boon and crocket.

I hope what i said wasnt too confusing. I found this on google that might be able to help understand what i said.
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